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Friday, May 15, 2009

Old San Francisco, Old news

One tragic trend in my neighborhood that I've noticed are all of the closed businesses. San Francisco always claims to be a city that is all about supporting its local neighborhoods and from what I have seen it is better than many other cities in that respect. However, walking along the commercial section of this neighborhood I walked past a lot of businesses that were closing down. I guess this is common in a lot of neighborhoods in a lot of cities, but it is still a shame to see a lot of the local businesses closing. What's always nice about places like these businesses is the fact that it has a greater tie to the residents near by and they have the neighborhoods interest in mind. I can't say what has caused so many of these businesses to close. This isn't to say that all of the businesses are closing because there are a lot of establishments that have been in the neighborhood for the better part of a century. It just seems that the when these things are lost the neighborhood loses an asset. And some neighborhoods need all of the assets that they can get. 

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