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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Roommates Closet

Tired of screaming matches and cat fights with your roommate over clothes? Most girls are. Well the problem is solved with the store My Roommates Closet. There will no longer be smuggling clothes from your roommate, you will be able to find your very own gem at this store that is located at 3044 Fillmore St. in the Marina. What makes this store so spectacular? It sells designer clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry for up to 50 percent off. Yea, I understand your astomnishment to this news, I was shocked to that a store like this exsisted. A discount store in the Marina, can be shocking to almost anyone who knows the reputation of this district. I went into the store the other day to browse around and everyone who worked there was so pleasant and very helpful. This wasn’t like a Ross or Marshalls where they lack a variety of sizes in things, they had plenty of sizes to pick from which was nice to see. They sold Vera Wang shoes, and had well-known designer brands like; Vivienne Westwood, Twinkle, Penguin and True Religion. This store doesn’t just need to inderest women, men who have girlfriends, wives, or sisters should check this store out as well. They have amazing deals on nice stuff. Their selection of dresses was pretty impressive as well. I highly suggest that anyone makes their way over to the Marina to browse through this store, you won’t be disappointed, and I’m sure your roommate wouldn’t mind if you stopped raiding her closet.

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha, that is indeed funny! Borrowing clothes from your roommate that will never be returned? LOL! That's a cat fight in the making! I remember my roommates in college for a t-shirt that was mine. But despite that, the experiences were very memorable. :D

    Chad Lewis